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The properties and advantages of zinc alloy die casting are described
Time:2016-03-30   Visits:
In the domestic die casting industry ranked first! As the industry threshold is low, so to a certain extent, die casting processing plant can be said to be a little flooding in Shenzhen, which has some of his own family to engage in a few rooms to get some equipment began to engage in die-casting processing. But there are also many companies have gradually become the industry benchmark. Zinc alloy die casting than other molding process, want to make good die casting products is not a good die casting machine can, must be die, die casting machine, die casting process combined with each other to make good products. The characteristics of zinc alloy die castings:

1 than the major, there is a weight more texture, than the plastic injection molding.

2 casting performance is good, can die casting shape complex, thin wall precision parts, casting surface smooth.

3 surface treatment can be carried out: electroplating, spraying, painting.

4 melting and casting without iron absorption, non corrosive pressure type, non stick mode.

5 has a good mechanical properties at room temperature and wear resistance.

6 low melting point, melting at 385 degrees Celsius, die casting more easily than aluminum alloy