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Die casting is a kind of precision casting method
Time:2016-03-30   Visits:
Die casting mould is composed of two parts, respectively covering part and a movable part, they combine part is called the parting line. In the hot chamber, has covered part of gate, and in the cold chamber die casting, injection port. The molten metal into the mold from here, this part of the injection nozzle shape with hot chamber in or matched injection room in the cold chamber die casting. Active part usually includes a push rod and a flow passage is called between the gate and the cavity channel, the molten metal into the mold cavity through the channel. Cover parts are usually attached fixed plate or the front pressing plate, and the movable part is connected to the movable platen. The mold cavity is divided into two mold cavity insert blocks. They are separate parts, which can be easily removed or installed by the bolt.

Die casting is a casting method for precision, through die cast die casting size tolerance of very small, surface precision is very high, in most cases, die-casting parts do not need to re turning can be assembled application, threaded parts can be directly cast out. From general camera parts, typing machine parts, electronic calculator parts and accessories and other small parts, and automobiles, locomotives and aircraft transport complex parts are mostly made by casting method.

In China become the world manufacturing industry base drive, after many years of efforts, China has been constructed to build a complete die-casting industry and supporting industry chain and some more developed die casting industry base, has become the largest country of die casting in the world. With the future of the automobile, communication equipment, locomotive, aerospace, electrical machinery and other downstream applications industry sustained and stable development, Chinese die casting industry in the future development of a larger space.

Lead to competition. The long-term development of Chinese prospects will continue to attract foreign counterparts, this situation has brought great development opportunities for domestic die-casting manufacturers. Domestic die casting enterprises should pay attention to brand consciousness, the consciousness of environmental protection and standardization of development, strengthen the research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights, promote the progress of industry common technology, implement green manufacturing of scientific concept of development, extension of the connotation of the service and the manufacturing industry towards advanced, enhance international competitiveness.